Decoration works
We use Sing Pal ULTRA 132 plotter, the width of a working area 1300 mm., Oracal film 641 series (120 colors) and Oracal film 8300 8500 8510 series (70 colors).

Technical requirements:

Primitive forms (circles, squares, ovals, fonts) carving is prodused without granting by customer a breadboard model. In all other cases the breadboard model may be offered by customer, or we can made it separately.

File requirements:
  • We accept files on 3,5" diskette, ZIP, CD, or via e-mail
  • In vector formats (Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flexi …)
  • Scale for the carving - 1:1
  • There should be no unclosed paths, crossing-over contours, "thick" lines (line thickness must be "hairline") or gradients in the sketch.
  • All fonts should be transformed into curves.
  • The scaled printing with indication of real sizes and colors of films used should be attached to a file.
Typical mistakes:

  • Customer offers raster images in vector formats (Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flexi …)
  • Raster images do not become vectorial being saved in vector formats (Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flexi …)!
Basic prices

Work Price
Logotype outlining from 30
Logotype creaion for customer from 70
Logotype (1 color) on a frise panel size 30 sm х 30 sm from 25
Logotype (2 colors) on a frise panel size 30 sm х 30 sm from 40
Logotype (1 color) 100 sm х 100 cm from 50
Logotype (from 2 colors) 100 sm х 100 sm from 100
Frise inscription up to 120 mm (standard) height included in standard
stand's price
Frise inscription up to 500 mm height 1,5 for 1 letter
Pasting the panels with film 15 for 1 m2

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