Non-standard stands
Non-standard stands are built on the basis of a standard ones with use of the additional decorative elements.

For the non-standard stands building as "ISOGON GmbH" kit (non-standard elements) can be applied, as special constructions. Such materials as plexiglas, PVC, acryle, a banner fabric etc also can be used for building.

We use as the additional elements:
  • Columns: conventional or with illumination; various height (from 2,5 up to 5); various sections (square, rectangular, other geometrical forms);
  • Rotating elements (a cube with illumination at the top part of the stand, an emblem in a show-window, etc.);
  • Tags with illumination and trade marks at the top part of the stand;
  • "The wing" element;
  • Volumetric construction above the stand;
  • "Roof" above the stand.
  • For additional stand decorating the pasting the wall panels with Oracle and manufacturing of a company's logotype can also be used.
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